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Week 4 – Project Life

Well this is actually another thing I ticked off my to-do list on Sunday – it has just taken me some time to catch up on the blog.  This was another of my Project Life Layouts from 2015 as well as being the last day of our Torbay holiday.


This was the day that we came back via the Butterfly and Otter Sanctuary and the steam trains.  I used the DIY Shop Value kit for this layout along with a wooden butterfly and a wooden otter button. Again I had a lot of photos that I wanted to show off – so I let them tell alot of the story and kept the embellishments simple.


This layout didnt take at all long to put together which made me remember why I enjoy project life so much.

Here is an update on my other crafting goals:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (1/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (3/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 1/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 2 /2 General Card
  • 2/2 Christmas Cards
  • 29/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete (I have done one bonus one).

Thanks for reading 🙂





January Week 3 – Project Life

So I went and visited my Mum on Saturday so no crafting was done then.  However yesterday my Husband went off to do his 5th day Scouting (out of the last 7) and as I was feeling a bit healthier I decided to spend the day doing some de-cluttering in the Kitchen as well as doing some Crafting.

I decided that I would catch up with some of my Project Life Layouts.  First I started this years Folder (this was a little over due as it had been past 2 weeks since the activity of the first layout – but this couldn’t be helped when I was ill).  First I did the Front Page using the suggested cards and then I personalised it. This was using the Everyday Folder and Core Kit.  On the front Page I have attached a photo of Matt and Myself from last year – I have attached this using Photo corners so that I can replace it at the end of the year with a nice photo of us both from this year.

First Page

I then did my Wild Place layout.  I had a lot of photos to use therefore I decided to try and keep this layout pretty simple with minor embellishments. I used Thickers for name and then added a wooden embellishment for the welly boots and the “family”.

Wild Side

I then moved on and caught up with one of my 2015 layouts – this was one from our Holiday back in April (yes I am very behind) and on this day we went to Paignton Zoo for the day.  Again I had lots of photos from this day and therefore I kept the layout very simple using Good Times Value Kit and letting the photos speak very much for themselves.

Paignton Zoo

Here is an update on my other crafting goals:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (1/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (2/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 0.8/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 2 /2 General Card
  • 0/2 Christmas Cards
  • 18/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete (I have done one bonus one).

Look out for a post later in the week – updating on the status of my MosaiCraft.

January – Project Life Catch Up

So today was the day that my husband went back to work.  I had planned a full day of crafting – but that was pretty unsuccessful as first I:

  • Ran week 8 of my Couch to 5k programme I am currently doing (all be it unsuccessfully as my ankle was hurting so I finished early).
  • Did my Declutter 365 mission for the day, as well as do the stack of washing up and my days “tidying” – today was to sort bills / paperwork etc.
  • Baked a loaf of bread (this was in my bread maker so I am not counting it as part of my goals).
  • Cooked Dinner

So then I decided it was time to attack some of my crafting goals.  I also realised that my Project Life goal is a bit unspecific… Therefore I am going to extend it a little.

  • Current Project Life – Produce each layout within 2 weeks of the event.  (I have one layout I want to do for 2016 so far but this is waiting on a new set of core cards).
  • 2015 Project Life – Do at least 4 layouts per month. (This may turn out to be a bit ambitious so I will see how I am doing and review).


So today I decided to tackle one of my 2015 project life layouts – realising quite how far behind I am … this one is from 22nd April 2015 on Matt’s and my Sun holiday.  I hope you enjoy the layout below:


So how are my other goals going:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (0/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (1/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 0.5/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 0/2 Birthday Cards (I am going to expand this to be “general cards” i.e. include Anniversary, sympathy etc).
  • 0/2 Christmas Cards
  • 3/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete.

I am aiming to get some more crafting done this week (plus we have a family birthday) … so watch this space.

Challenge 26 – Project Life

So I have got behind a bit on my Project Life … with an ever-growing to do list.  One of my problems here has been finding time / inspiration to sort through and edit my photos.  I have recently done a Big Picture Class on photo fixes – using Photoshop Elements.  This has really got me using Photoshop elements – which I am finding so powerful and alot easier to use than I thought.

So we went away for a holiday back in April to Hoburne Devon Bay.  I am still getting on top of the photo editing for these but I thought I would share with you the first 2 layouts that I have now completed.  Hubby and I are not good at sitting and doing not alot so whenever we go away we pack alot in – this does result in a lot of photos and several activities being done on many days.

So on our first day we went to Kent’s Cavern, Barracombe Model village and we went on the English Riviera Wheel. We also had a couple of games of Crazy Golf.

Holiday Day 1

I don’t like adding too much detail to my layouts but I do like including a few subtle embellishments. I am really liking Wood Veneer embellishments just to add a level of detail.


On our second day we went to Living Coast Aquarium before checking in at our Caravan and exploring the site.

Holiday Day 2

With this layout I liked having the “Today” card imbetween 2 photos of flowers.  I therefore took the opportunity to use a flower embellishment to emphasise the “O” of Today.


Challenge 18 – Project Life

So its been a while since I have posted or even really had much time to do any crafting!  My Craft to do is ever growing but I am making every effort to fit more in. Hubby has recently started a new job – which is driving me to work fewer hours  – no bad thing! This means I am a little more awake in an evening so hopefully will be able to get more done.

Anyway hubby went out doing some scouting last night so I decided to take the opportunity to catch up with some of my project life layouts.  I had completed Good Friday and Easter Sat layouts over my Easter Break however I wanted to post the complete “Easter Weekend” together so took the opportunity last night to finish it.

So on Good Friday I spent the day baking as posted here in an earlier blog.  This was a busy day – with lots of photos so I did a complete double layout on this day.


On Easter Saturday me and the hubby decided to make the most of some time together and took the opportunity to go and visit the Cheetahs at The Wild Place.  They have 3 which hadn’t been there very long when we visited.  I managed to get a few nice shots of them along with a few shots of the Wolves and Lemurs (I did promise some photos of the the Lemurs).

Easter Sat

With Both of these layouts I took the advantage of being a bit more “adventurous” to add a bit more detail and texture to the layouts.  One example of this is with the Wild place I used my Spellbinders to emboss a footprint onto the card  which I then sanded the top off and included some additional embellishments.

WT On Easter Sunday we went round Matt’s Parents for dinner; where Matt cooked and we had a Easter Basket decorating competition.  Easter Monday after matt finished at work we headed out on the allotment to turn the beds over and do some planting for the season.  It was a rather busy yet enjoyable weekend.


Challenge 17 – Project Life


So as I had an extra day off work I decided to get some crafting done today.  First up I caught up with my Project Life pages for my husbands birthday. After going out for Mothers day brunch we caught the train to Cardiff.  We had a table booked at Steak of the Art Cardiff and were staying at the Premier inn which was right above it.

We had a lovely meal at Steak of the Art and Matt got a free caricature that they were doing for Mothers for Mothering Sunday from Picasso Griffiths.

On Monday for Matt’s birthday we headed to Cardiff Castle for a wonder round and to give matt a chance to test out his new camera.  Originally we had planned to go to Doctor Who exhibition which wasn’t open so we will have to go back to Cardiff another time to do that.  Here is my project life album entry.


Challenge 6 – Project Life

So last weekend Matt and I decided to take Sunday as an “Us” day and spend some quality time together.  As we are annual pass holders for The Wild Place we decided to take a trip up there.  A lot of the animals were not out and about because of the weather but I did manage to snap some very nice Wolf photos.  It just gives me the opportunity to capture some of the other animals at another time.  After we had got cold enough we decided to warm up at the Cinema and watch Kingsman a very funny film which we both enjoyed!

I decided to create a layout capturing our day – so chose to include images from Wild Place aswell as the poster for the film.  I had Design B for the left side set by my previous design – I chose a Design C for my right page.  I also used a couple of new project life mini-kits that I have recently brought:

  • Project Life DIY Shop
  •  Heidi Swapp – Colour Magic

I used some stamping ink and a sponge to colour the “Wild Place” letters and the stars card.

WP-P1 WP -P2

I look forward to my next page.

Challenge 5 – Project Life

Well a few weeks ago now I was sent to Cyprus with work and flown RAF Trooper and stayed at the Officers Mess.  Unfortunately this meant I was away from my hubby for a week – but he managed to keep himself occupied.  The majority of our time there was tied up with work unfortunately but Saturday morning before we flew home we did get the opportunity to go for a 6 mile hike along the cliffs – and managed to snap some gorgeous images.  I decided to use this trip as my second project life design.

I already had a Design B for the first page of the spread from my previous layout – I decided to match this with a second Design C page.   I then needed to select, print and layout my pictures and I then added some embellishments to finish.  I actually completed the majority of this design a couple of weeks ago and was just waiting for the Airplane wood veneer to arrive to finish it.   I hope you like the finished layout.

Cyprus 2 Cyprus-P1

Challenge 4 – Project Life Layout

So with some of the money I got for Christmas I brought myself a Project Life bundle – with the aspiration of using it to document 2015.  I also brought myself a Project Life Kickoff Class from Big Picture Classes.  My husband got a new photo printer for Christmas aswell a Canon Selphy CP910.

Today was the first opportunity I have really had to work with my Project Life.  Whilst you can use project life as a daily, or weekly journal I am quite busy so have decided I am going to use it more to document key things I do this year.  Of course the first thing that  has happened this year that I wanted to Journal was our weekend away last week for my Mother-In-Laws 50th Birthday.

First I Created my “Front” Page.  I did this using the cards recommended in the kit (I am using the “Sunshine” kit).  I used some of my Craft Stash embellishments to add the year etc.  This used a “A” layout.

Front 2

This then gave me the layout for the first half of my double spread for the weekend.    After I had decided which images I wanted to use and what size I wanted them I printed them out and rounded the corners.  I then started to lay out the images to decide which other protector I wanted to use – I went for Design “B”.   From this I decided which cards from my pack to use and then added my embellishments.  I hope you like the finished product (I do need to find a better way to take a photo of my finished layouts).

Birthday Layout

I cant wait to do my next layout!