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February Week 3 – Valentines Card

Obviously with the subject being Valentines Card this is again a delayed post – for 2 reasons 1. So hubby didn’t see the card before the day and 2.  To give me time to have a bit of a catch up.

So for this card I used the following from my stash:

I used my Cricut Explore to cut the text and then accentuated parts of it with the stickles.  My aim was to keep a pretty clean and simple (CAS) card.


Here is an update on my February Challenges:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (0/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (0/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 2.5/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 1 /2 General Card
  • 0/2 Christmas Cards
  • 18/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete.

Thanks for reading 🙂