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January – Summary

So as it is the last day in January I thought I would update on my progress of my Goals for the month.   It has been a very busy weekend – and not helped this evening by the fact I seem to have injured my back.

Unfortunately I haven’t quite made all of my challenges.

  • 2016 PL layouts – I set out to complete these within 2 weeks of the event.  There has only really been 1 event worth documenting this year – which I have done (even if it was just outside me 2 week target)
  • 2015 PL layouts – I set out to catch up with 4 of my backlog of layouts and unfortunately time appears to have evaded me here and I have only managed 3.  I think had I managed time a bit differently I could have managed all 4 – so I am going to leave this as the challenge for February.
  • 1 Baking Project – I did manage this one – a little last minute but I managed it.
  • 1 Knitting / Crotchet Project – I managed to complete one project quite early in the month and got 1/2 through a second.  I plan to leave this as 1 as I think this is achievable.
  • 2 General Cards – I completed these 2 for both Mothers.  It is a very good mates Birthday early in February but as he lives in America and things have been a bit manic recently I haven’t managed to make his card.  We do obviously have valentines day this month therefore that will be 1 of my 2; and then I may do a “generic” card as my second maybe for one of the Challenge blogs.
  • 2 / 2 Christmas Cards – I completed 2 Christmas cards this month although I failed to use the Christmas 52 blog for this month – so I am hoping to use that for at least 1 of the cards this month.
  • 32/31 MosaiCraft Squares – I have managed to do this everyday (although still need to do this evenings) along with 2 bonus squares where I have had a small amount to finish a baseplate.

So I am going to leave the challenges the same for February…lets see how it goes!


Week 3 – Christmas Card 2

As I explained in my previous post … I sat down this afternoon to create 2 Christmas cards.  For the second of these I used the Sketch Saturday Week 396 Challenge Sketch:


For this card I used from my stash:

I hope you like my creation

Christmas Card 1

I will leave this post there as I updated my progress earlier…

Week 3 – Christmas Card 1

So after the landlady had been an gone for our house inspection this morning and I did the Sunday must do’s.  I sat down to a quiet afternoon Crafting whilst hubby played on the X-box.  I decided today I was going to work on my 2 Christmas cards for the month – I will be blogging about these in separate posts so lookout for another post in the near future.

For the first card I used the Mojo Monday Challenge 431 Sketch as an inspiration.  The sketch is below.


For this card I used from my stash:

I hope you like my creation … Christmas Card 2

Here is an update on my other crafting goals:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (1/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (2/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 1/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 2 /2 General Card
  • 2/2 Christmas Cards (1 to follow)
  • 24/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete (including a bonus one)

Thanks for reading 🙂

January Week 1 – Birthday Card

So this week has been busy despite still being off work on leave. There just don’t seem to be as many hours in the day as are required. I have been busy de-cluttering the Kitchen … I think I am finally on the homewards straight with that (hopefully).  Today I have emptied all the cupboards under the counters with the aim of sorting there contents and putting it all away tomorrow.  Unfortunately I have not quite had enough time to do as much crafting as I have wanted.

I have however had time to make a Birthday card for my Mother – in – law.  It was her Birthday on Thursday and I have delayed writing this post for 2 reasons – 1. a lack of time to do it, and 2. to ensure that she didn’t see her card before we had given it too her.

For those of you who have been following me for a while may remember that my Mother – in – Law is a big fan of butterflies therefore obviously Butterflies feature in this card design.

I used the following Challenge as inspiration for this card:


For this card I used the following from my stash:

I hope you like my creation:

Matt Mum

Here is an update on my other crafting goals:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (0/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (1/4 so far)
  • 0/1 Baking Project
  • 0.5/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 1 /2 General Card
  • 0/2 Christmas Cards
  • 6/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete. (I have a few days catch up to do here).

Thanks for reading 🙂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year … and what a year it has been.  

A review of 2015 …I believe that I did complete my challenge of 52 projects in one year … however things went a little bit wrong and the last 6 months I haven’t really blogged.  This is for a majority of reasons including work load, and the issue that once  I get a back log I find it hard to get motivation again to move forwards. I plan to tackle this issue in 2016 so hopefully I should become more regular at posting throughout the year.

And on to 2016 … So for the first time in quite a few years I have decided to set myself some New Years Goals.   I know it is very clichéd but New Year –> New Me.  One of the keys to the success of these goals is the fact that I plan to review progress on a monthly basis and adapt as required … therefore really setting goals in more manageable chunks.  Obviously not all of my goals relate to my crafting – some relate to weight, fitness, sorting house etc. But I have outlined my crafting goals below:

  • Get up to date and keep up to date with Project Life.
  • Do 1 Baking Project per month.
  • Do 1 Knitting or Crotchet Project per month.
  • Make 2 Birthday Cards a month.
  • Make 2 Christmas Cards a month. (I plan to use 52 Christmas Card Throwndown challenge blog to help with this).
  • Do 1 “square” of MosaicCraft every.

Obviously this doesn’t include “other” craft projects / activities that I may do.  Therefore I would like to include an additional challenge for myself.

  • Do 12 “other” craft activities in 2016.

Other crafts may be “extras” from those listed above or may be a different craft – e.g. a photograph I have edited or a “kit” that I have (e.g. My husband brought me a Proggy Dog for Christmas), or a Scrapbook page… from our Honeymoon.

Thanks for reading and I hope to keep you updated through 2016! Including updating you on my goals and progress against them.


Challenge 23 – Congratulations

So I have been quite poor recently at blogging and therefore have a few projects to update you on – as well of course as a growing list of projects I want to start / finish.  This one is a card from earlier in June – when a mate got married.  Her and her fiancée had been together for quite some time – and it was really great to see them finally tie the knot.

This is a twist on an anniversary card that I had made not that long before – but a bit of a change to it and I used blues because I was aware that this was one of her wedding colours.  Again this is quite a nice CAS card.

I used the following from my Stash:

  • Pearlescent card blank (PDA card and craft freebie)
  • Blue Pearlescent Card Stock (Hobbycraft) cut using Spellbinders Deckled edge rectangular Die.
  • “Congratulations” sentiment
  • DoCrafts Denim Dome Stickers
  • Bride and Groom Shadow Die-Cut Decoupage
  • Blue Ribbon
  • Midnight Stickles
  • Wood Veneer Bird

I hope you enjoy this take on other cards.

Ciara Wedding

Challenge 19 – Photo

Well this is my first photo challenge…  I really should do more but find it difficult as I then tend to incorporate them into a project life layout and feel that’s a bit of double accounting.  This photo challenge I am sure will end up in my project life holiday layout … however as there will be so much more to those layouts that just these images I decided to share them as a photo challenge as well.

On the last day of our holiday earlier this month we stopped at the Dartmoor Otter and Buckfast Butterfly.  As Matt was using his 700D that we brought him for his Birthday I decided that I was going to use his 350D and have a play with some of the settings … I was determined I didn’t just want to use it in Auto.   I really enjoyed using the camera and I am really pleased with some of the butterfly photo’s I managed to achieve.  Because of this I found it too hard to just pick one to share with you … so here is a selection.

IMG_5004_edit001 IMG_5036_edit004 IMG_5031_edit003 IMG_5042_edit005 IMG_5044_edit006 IMG_5051_edit007 IMG_5081_edit017

Challenge 18 – Project Life

So its been a while since I have posted or even really had much time to do any crafting!  My Craft to do is ever growing but I am making every effort to fit more in. Hubby has recently started a new job – which is driving me to work fewer hours  – no bad thing! This means I am a little more awake in an evening so hopefully will be able to get more done.

Anyway hubby went out doing some scouting last night so I decided to take the opportunity to catch up with some of my project life layouts.  I had completed Good Friday and Easter Sat layouts over my Easter Break however I wanted to post the complete “Easter Weekend” together so took the opportunity last night to finish it.

So on Good Friday I spent the day baking as posted here in an earlier blog.  This was a busy day – with lots of photos so I did a complete double layout on this day.


On Easter Saturday me and the hubby decided to make the most of some time together and took the opportunity to go and visit the Cheetahs at The Wild Place.  They have 3 which hadn’t been there very long when we visited.  I managed to get a few nice shots of them along with a few shots of the Wolves and Lemurs (I did promise some photos of the the Lemurs).

Easter Sat

With Both of these layouts I took the advantage of being a bit more “adventurous” to add a bit more detail and texture to the layouts.  One example of this is with the Wild place I used my Spellbinders to emboss a footprint onto the card  which I then sanded the top off and included some additional embellishments.

WT On Easter Sunday we went round Matt’s Parents for dinner; where Matt cooked and we had a Easter Basket decorating competition.  Easter Monday after matt finished at work we headed out on the allotment to turn the beds over and do some planting for the season.  It was a rather busy yet enjoyable weekend.


Challenge 16 – Easter Baking

It has been quite a nice and Sunny Easter weekend and me and the hubby have been busy spending time together (when he hasnt been working).  As he was working on Good Friday I decided to start the weekend by doing some Easter baking … this took me longer than originally planned but I really enjoyed myself doing it.

So first up was the hot cross buns so that I could leave the dough proving … for these I used a Hobbs House Bakery recipe.  These have nearly all been eaten now and tasted very yummy 🙂

  Blog Buns

Hot Cross Buns

So next I decided to make 2 vanilla sponges for our Easter Sunday cake… whilst these were cooking and cooling I finished the Hot Cross Buns.  For the Easter Cake after it had cooled I decorated it using rather a lot of mini-eggs.

Easter cakeAs the cakes and hot cross buns were cooling I started my final set of baking.  This was 32 cupcakes… 16 were lemon cupcakes filled with a lemon cupcake centre.  The second was a Mary Berry’s chocolate cup cake with salted caramel cupcake centre (as I had previously made).  I then decorated the lemon cupcakes with lemon butter cream and Rabbits which were burying their heads in the cakes made from icing.  I decorating the chocolate cupcakes with green butter cream piped with a “grass” nozzle and 3 mini eggs.

Cup Cakes

Challenge 15 – Happy Birthday Bro

Well last week was another rather busy week both in work and at home – not helped by myself coming down with a horrible chesty cold and feeling very under the weather.  Therefore I am a bit late posting this one – it was a card I made last Sunday for my brothers birthday on Friday.

As I am a bit late in posting then obviously I am not entering this card for any competitions however – I did use the following challenges for inspiration in the generation of this card:

I used the following from my stash:

I hope you enjoy my creation: