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Week 4 – Baking

Well since I brought the hubby a new stand mixer for Christmas I have struggled to get in the kitchen to do any baking as he has been very busy in there – he has even finally mastered Choux Pastry.

So having spent the night helping him with his Scout sleepover (that was after I had ran my Explorer Scouts), and spending Saturday Morning doing the normal weekend tasks (shopping etc), aswell as completing Scout Census I settled in to do some baking to keep me awake.  We have got another scout event all day tomorrow so I thought I would treat them (or punish them – im not sure) with some of my baking.

First I decided to make some Chocolate Brownies – my chocolate brownies normally have nuts in – but hubby doesnt like nuts and I am unsure if any of the Young People at the event have any nut allergies I decided to modify my recipe and replace the nuts with White Chocolate “chunks” … it has kind of worked although if I was to do it again I think I would use a bar of chocolate cut into chunks myself.


Once the brownies were in the oven cooking I decided it was my turn to test hubbys new mixer to make a cinnamon swirl cake.  This is done by making a vanilla sponge and then a Cinnamon (and sugar) paste which you swirl into the cake using a palate knife. I then topped this off with a home-made cinnamon butter-cream (although we had run out of icing sugar so I used a mix of Fondant and normal icing sugar).

Cinamon Swirl

Hopefully they go down well tomorrow.

There is not much of January left so here is an update on my other crafting goals:

  • 2016 PL Layouts (1/1 so far)
  • 2015 PL Layouts (3/4 so far)
  • 1/1 Baking Project
  • 1.5/1 Knitting / Crotchet Project
  • 2 /2 General Card
  • 2/2 Christmas Cards
  • 32/31 MosaiCraft Squares Complete (I have done one bonus one).

Thanks for reading 🙂


Challenge 16 – Easter Baking

It has been quite a nice and Sunny Easter weekend and me and the hubby have been busy spending time together (when he hasnt been working).  As he was working on Good Friday I decided to start the weekend by doing some Easter baking … this took me longer than originally planned but I really enjoyed myself doing it.

So first up was the hot cross buns so that I could leave the dough proving … for these I used a Hobbs House Bakery recipe.  These have nearly all been eaten now and tasted very yummy 🙂

  Blog Buns

Hot Cross Buns

So next I decided to make 2 vanilla sponges for our Easter Sunday cake… whilst these were cooking and cooling I finished the Hot Cross Buns.  For the Easter Cake after it had cooled I decorated it using rather a lot of mini-eggs.

Easter cakeAs the cakes and hot cross buns were cooling I started my final set of baking.  This was 32 cupcakes… 16 were lemon cupcakes filled with a lemon cupcake centre.  The second was a Mary Berry’s chocolate cup cake with salted caramel cupcake centre (as I had previously made).  I then decorated the lemon cupcakes with lemon butter cream and Rabbits which were burying their heads in the cakes made from icing.  I decorating the chocolate cupcakes with green butter cream piped with a “grass” nozzle and 3 mini eggs.

Cup Cakes

Challenge 13 – Bake

So as I had Friday off I decided to do a bit of baking.

I had picked up the latest Tesco magazine in the week and seen a recipe for Cinnamon Buns in it.  Both my hubby and I love Cinnamon and are big fans of Cinnamon buns so I decided to try my hand at some whilst he was at work.

I did change the recipe slightly and instead of using full fat milk in the recipe I used skimmed milk – I did this mainly because I didn’t have any full fat milk – but it does give a slightly lighter option to the bun as well.

Here is my finished result – and even if I am saying so myself they were very tasty.  I am looking forward to baking these again and perfecting the result.

Cinamon Bu

Challenge 8 – Cakes and Chocolate

So this weekend I wasn’t feeling 100% – I wasnt ill so much as more tired and aching.  Anyway I decided to keep myself going with a bit of baking…

First I made “Chocolate Suprise Cake” … for these I used Merry Berrys Chocolate cake recipe; I then filled it Dr Oetker salted caramel cupcake centre.  I then made vanilla buttercream to ice the top and finished using some white chocolate chips and fudge pieces.

Cake 2 Cake

It was then hubbys time to get in the kitchen … we are planning to make our own Easter eggs this year so he wanted to have a practise … he attempted to make some salted caramel chocolate although it came out a bit more like a toffee as well as a dark chocolate egg and white chocolate speckled mini-eggs.

P1100215Choc Moulds  Chocolate halfEgg

I am quite impressed with the results and cant wait for us to make some more ready for Easter.

As Matt still had some of the Salted Caramel Syrup left I used what was left to make a Salted Caramel cake for work.  I then used the Salted Caramel Cupcake Suprise as a “Jam” in the middle and topped it with the butter-cream, chocolate drops and fudge pieces… hopefully the people at work will enjoy it tomorrow!