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Challenge 19 – Photo

Well this is my first photo challenge…  I really should do more but find it difficult as I then tend to incorporate them into a project life layout and feel that’s a bit of double accounting.  This photo challenge I am sure will end up in my project life holiday layout … however as there will be so much more to those layouts that just these images I decided to share them as a photo challenge as well.

On the last day of our holiday earlier this month we stopped at the Dartmoor Otter and Buckfast Butterfly.  As Matt was using his 700D that we brought him for his Birthday I decided that I was going to use his 350D and have a play with some of the settings … I was determined I didn’t just want to use it in Auto.   I really enjoyed using the camera and I am really pleased with some of the butterfly photo’s I managed to achieve.  Because of this I found it too hard to just pick one to share with you … so here is a selection.

IMG_5004_edit001 IMG_5036_edit004 IMG_5031_edit003 IMG_5042_edit005 IMG_5044_edit006 IMG_5051_edit007 IMG_5081_edit017