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Challenge 17 – Project Life


So as I had an extra day off work I decided to get some crafting done today.  First up I caught up with my Project Life pages for my husbands birthday. After going out for Mothers day brunch we caught the train to Cardiff.  We had a table booked at Steak of the Art Cardiff and were staying at the Premier inn which was right above it.

We had a lovely meal at Steak of the Art and Matt got a free caricature that they were doing for Mothers for Mothering Sunday from Picasso Griffiths.

On Monday for Matt’s birthday we headed to Cardiff Castle for a wonder round and to give matt a chance to test out his new camera.  Originally we had planned to go to Doctor Who exhibition which wasn’t open so we will have to go back to Cardiff another time to do that.  Here is my project life album entry.



Challenge 16 – Easter Baking

It has been quite a nice and Sunny Easter weekend and me and the hubby have been busy spending time together (when he hasnt been working).  As he was working on Good Friday I decided to start the weekend by doing some Easter baking … this took me longer than originally planned but I really enjoyed myself doing it.

So first up was the hot cross buns so that I could leave the dough proving … for these I used a Hobbs House Bakery recipe.  These have nearly all been eaten now and tasted very yummy 🙂

  Blog Buns

Hot Cross Buns

So next I decided to make 2 vanilla sponges for our Easter Sunday cake… whilst these were cooking and cooling I finished the Hot Cross Buns.  For the Easter Cake after it had cooled I decorated it using rather a lot of mini-eggs.

Easter cakeAs the cakes and hot cross buns were cooling I started my final set of baking.  This was 32 cupcakes… 16 were lemon cupcakes filled with a lemon cupcake centre.  The second was a Mary Berry’s chocolate cup cake with salted caramel cupcake centre (as I had previously made).  I then decorated the lemon cupcakes with lemon butter cream and Rabbits which were burying their heads in the cakes made from icing.  I decorating the chocolate cupcakes with green butter cream piped with a “grass” nozzle and 3 mini eggs.

Cup Cakes