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Challenge 4 – Project Life Layout

So with some of the money I got for Christmas I brought myself a Project Life bundle – with the aspiration of using it to document 2015.  I also brought myself a Project Life Kickoff Class from Big Picture Classes.  My husband got a new photo printer for Christmas aswell a Canon Selphy CP910.

Today was the first opportunity I have really had to work with my Project Life.  Whilst you can use project life as a daily, or weekly journal I am quite busy so have decided I am going to use it more to document key things I do this year.  Of course the first thing that  has happened this year that I wanted to Journal was our weekend away last week for my Mother-In-Laws 50th Birthday.

First I Created my “Front” Page.  I did this using the cards recommended in the kit (I am using the “Sunshine” kit).  I used some of my Craft Stash embellishments to add the year etc.  This used a “A” layout.

Front 2

This then gave me the layout for the first half of my double spread for the weekend.    After I had decided which images I wanted to use and what size I wanted them I printed them out and rounded the corners.  I then started to lay out the images to decide which other protector I wanted to use – I went for Design “B”.   From this I decided which cards from my pack to use and then added my embellishments.  I hope you like the finished product (I do need to find a better way to take a photo of my finished layouts).

Birthday Layout

I cant wait to do my next layout!


Challenge 3 – Birthday Card

So another week has passed and another challenge managed.  This time it is another Birthday card – this one for my mum.  It was her Birthday on Tuesday but I have not managed to visit her until today so I have delayed posting the card.

For this card I did use Sketch Saturday Week 343 Sketch as inspiration but I did not enter into this challenge due to the time-scales of seeing my mum – didn’t want her to get a sneak peak at the card.

For this card I used the following from my Stash:

I hope you enjoy the card I created.


Crafty Weekend – Challenge 2 – Pottery

So as I said in my previous post I went away last week to celebrate my Mother In Laws 50th Birthday.  The hotel we were staying at was a golf, craft and activity hotel and was great fun – there was so much to do and definitely no time to get bored.

So whilst we were there my husband and me tried our hand at pottery.  It cost us £5 each and for that we made 3 items of any size using moulds.  I chose to make a Dolphin Bookend, a Snowman Night Light and a Santa Bear.  Once we had chosen our moulds we first had to fill the moulds and leave them for a set time (most between 20-40 min) for the slip to start to dry before turning them over to release the slip.


So once we had emptied the moulds we left them for 2-3 hours to dry before we removed them from the mould.  At this stage we then spent time fettling the items to remove the seam marks and any rough edges.  After this we left them over night to dry.

Pottery Dry

The following day we needed to paint the items and prepare them for glazing.  I decided that I was going to just clear glaze the Snowman Night Light therefore I just painted the bottom with Wax (this stops the glaze from sticking to it giving a bottom surface) and put that ready for glazing and firing.  The Dolphins I sponged with a Turquoise colour and then sponged over the top of the waves with a darker blue enhancing the wave effect.  I then hand painted the Santa Bear with a paintbrush.


It is difficult to paint the pottery as you cant quite be sure what colour it will turn out as the colour of the paint is totally different before firing.  Also the clay absorbs the paint very quickly so it can be difficult to ensure an even coverage.

Painted Pottery

After I had finished painting them I put them ready for Glazing and firing.  We then went back the following day to pick up our finished products and see how they turned out.  I was really pleased with the turn out especially after the first attempt.  I cant wait to go back and do it again!

Finished Pottery

I thought I would also share with you what my husband created.  The Bear is for our Niece, the Vase is a Valentines present for myself and the “Chip and Dip” bowl is something we are looking forward to using.

Matts Pottery

Today is my mother’s birthday although unfortunately I will not be able to go visit her until Saturday.  Therefore my next challenge will be her birthday card!

Challenge 1 – 50th Birthday Card

So I have managed to complete my 1st Challenge – there are 2 parts to this Challenge.

It is the Mother-In-Law’s 50th Birthday today so I have a birthday card for her and a “voucher” which forms part of her present.

Part 1 – Birthday Card

For this card I used the following challenges for inspiration:

For this card I used the following from my stash:

  • 8 x 8 White Card Blank
  • Butterfly Paper (freebie from PDA Card and Craft)
  • Gold Card Stock (freebie from Create and Craft)
  • Rustic Red Paper Stock (cant remember where from)
  • 50 Digi Stamp (from Ladybug Crafts Ink)
  • 4mm Pearl Gems
  • Black Foam Alphabet (from Papermania)
  • Butterfly Embellishment (cant remember when from)

I hope you enjoy this butterfly themed card.

50th Birthday Card

Part 2 – Gift Voucher

As part of the Birthday Celebrations we are all going away for the weekend to a Sport, Craft and Spa hotel.  We decided as one of her birthday presents to buy her some “treatments” for the weekend. We have brought her:

  • 30 min Indian Head Massage
  • 60 min Luxury Manicure

Therefore I used Serif Card Artist to create a “voucher” for her outlining what we have booked for her.  I then mounted it on some of the Gold Card Stock I used in the card.  I hope you like it.


As the hotel we are staying at this weekend has lots of activities and crafts as well as trying my hand at a bit of archery, or rifle shooting.  I intend to do a bit of crafting – and maybe even try a new craft.  Keep a look out next week – might even use it as a Challenge craft or 2.

Happy New Year

So having used wordpress to blog our Honeymoon last year  – I have decided that there are certain things about it’s functionality I like and prefer to Blogger.

Also as I have changed my focus from Cardmaking to Crafting I believe that 2015 is a good time to re-align and refresh so I am starting a new blog to go with the challenge I have set myself for this year.  My previous blog can still be found here.

So here goes … In 2015 I plan to complete 52 projects of things that I love –  that’s the equivalent of 1 one project a week (although I am not going to hold myself to that time-scale therefore some weeks I may not complete any and others more than 1).
These projects may be any of the below:
  • A Card
  • A Knitting Project
  • A Bake
  • A Photograph
  • A Scrapbook Page from our Honeymoon
  • A Crotchet Project
  • A Project Life Page
I know the list above is a bit varied – but they are all “crafty” things that I enjoy, and the photo’s will go hand in hand with the Scrapbook / Project Life projects.  I know 52 also doesn’t sound a lot – but my husband and I have a very busy life and therefore for me this will be quite a challenge.

Happy New Year – Here’s to a fantastic 2015!